Victoria Chinatown Attractions

Chinatown Attractions

Victoria’s Chinatown has an array of delights to discover. Walking down Fisgard Street with its paper lanterns and store front windows filled with varies items you will be filled with nostalgia as you pass by the three story CCBA building built in 1885 or the Chinese free school. In years gone by opium buildings once operated freely behind them. The many restaurants will tempt you with their delights and the charming fruit and vegetable carts will not be something you can resist. Dim Sum will beckon you.

Fan Tan Alley

Fan Tan Alley will delight you with its narrow alley way. Named after a gambling game you will wonder if it is worth the gamble and not be disappointed if you take it. There are delightful artesian shops and wonders to be explored and who wouldn’t want to meander down a mysterious alley where danger once may have lurked!


Every place has its annual events and attractions and Chinatown is no exception. The Gum Sing Musical Society perform every two years. They are an amateur group of singers and musicians that perform in Cantonese. There is of course an annual celebration of Chinese New Year where they have a lion dance mask to mark the occasion. During certain summer nights they have a night market where vendors sell food and crafts and celebrate with Chinese dance and music.

While Victoria Chinatown may be smaller in size it is large in history and heart. It has withstood the test of time and remained faithful to its heritage. Let us just imagine its secret mazes, its twists and turns as we walk through it and marvel at how people endure, survive, overcome and prosper.

Chinese New Year Festival and Parade – Victoria, BC